Starting off.

For a long time now my wife and I have been contemplating quitting our jobs and traveling. We had been researching it. Wondering where we could go and how long we could go for.

She reminded me recently that on our last trip to Little Corn Island I was swimming with her in the ocean contemplating how we could change our lives and make this place our home. I didn’t necessarily mean Nicaragua, I meant the world, seeing things.

This last New Years we spent an amazing month in India and Nepal. Shortly after which my father passed away. Upon returning to Minneapolis we received an offer to travel to Jordan, Palestine and Israel. We leaped at the opportunity even though we didn’t have any time off from our American jobs.

We knew experiencing the world is what we wanted to do. So a few months ago my wife quit her job. The goal was to first get the house on the market. A full time job of decluttering and reducing awaited her. We had lived in the house for seven years and collected a lot of baggage.

Now today, the day has come. I put in my notice two weeks ago and today is my last day at the office. We have a few things to tie up before our house is sold in two weeks. Then we are going to see some family and friends before we leave.

We don’t have any specific plans other than head to Sydney and hook up with some old friends. So we will start there.