South Island Journey Begins

Our trusty Ace Rental car complete the North Island today and began the South Island journey on the 3.5hrs Interislander ferry from Wellington to Picton. The views in the Queen Charlotte Sound were incredible with the bright green to the stunning blue water and sunny blue skies. Next we drive from Picton to Richmond on the windy roads that hug the turquoise coastline.

We stayed at The Pear Orchard that we found through AirBnB. The couple were lovely hosts. Timo, originally from Germany, married a Kiwi, Olivia, originally from Christchurch. They also had 2 little boys, Oscar, 3, and Louie, 1 who were just as adorable. The Pear Orchard is fairly new to the family, only having moved in 6 months prior from Auckland to fulfill their dream of starting a bed and breakfast. We were their first guests at this location.

Once we arrived Timo gave us The Pear Orchard tour. The property has loads of little friends which included Baa, the 10 week old lamb, half dozen sheep, handful of chicks, a dozen ducks and a few geese. Their house is about a hundred years in age and still has it’s original charm and beauty.

There was a huge eucalyptus tree Timo had cut down that over hung the shed. He is paying to have the the lumber tilled and eventually be used for the future cabin  floors. This place was a real gem of a find!