Tasman Bay

The entrance to Abel Tasmen National is 11km drive down an unsealed road. The trail is half on a flat pebble path that increases in challenge with climbs over boulders to get to Harwood Hole. There we found an amazing view down the 176m shaft. On our way back, we detoured to Gorge Creek Viewpoint which also has an incredible view. To get to the top, there are jagged boulders with 6-12 inch gaps you need to walk on. Mike and I both took the challenge heartbeat in our throats, bellies clinging to the rocks, peeked over the edge to see the breathtaking drop.

Harwood Gorge Viewpoint

Harwood Gorge Viewpoint

On the way home, we did a small brewery adventure first to Hop Federation, a newly purchased brewery by a couple that brew their own recipes, hand bottles and label each bottle with love. The Red Ale was our favorite. We found it interesting instead of the traditional glass growlers, they bottle 2L plastic bottles. $20 for 2L.

The second stop, Golden Bear Brewery, at Richmond’s wharf. They have a large selection of beers which we happily sampled while sitting in the warm sun by the wharf.

Once back at the Pear Orchard, we were greeted by Baa the 10 week old lamb. He makes me smile with his noisy hellos. Baa, I think, is confused that he is a lamb.


Probably likely due to his bottle feeding since birth. The little guy is getting weened off the bottle fed only once a day with a warm water bottle. I lucked out once again with the honors of bottle feeding little Baa that evening. He happily enjoyed the head rubs, butt scratches and thanked me with heavy leans for more.