Chicken, we lost but we won

I’d like to start out saying, I have a high appreciation for motorcyclist but today that opinion was challenged.

We started our normal day driving with sunny blue skies and fantastic scenery when we faced one of the scariest situations in our driving history. I was distracted looking down at my phone when I hear Mike comment, “What the f***! As I look up I see a motorcyclist headed directly toward us in our lane, on the left side.

Immediately Mike and I loudly and quite vocally doubt which side we should be on when we realize we’re correct, in the left lane.  We quickly assess the motorcyclist has either recently passed forgetting which side is correct, fallen asleep or is completely insane. We were traveling at least 100 km/hr headed straight for each other.

At this point we really freaked out with visions of what could happen rolled through our minds. Mike laid on the horn which felt like ages. Finally when we are about 10ft apart Mike made the decision and moved into the right lane to avoid collision. I have never felt my heart beat that hard in my throat. That decision saved the motorcyclist life and possibly ours. Thank god Mike was driving. He has an amazing ability to stay calm in these type of situations!

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