Bali Living

The pace in Bali has been a nice change from our last few weeks in New Zealand. We found a wonderful Villa on Airbnb called The Wooden Villa, located in Ketewel, which is north of Sanur. The Villa is owned and recently renovated by a Polish couple who have lived here about a year.

We have a bedroom with our own bathroom, shared living room and access to the kitchen. Breakfast is included in the price of $24 USD a night. Each morning we are served with a different delicious breakfast and plate of fruit. We have had everything from scrambled eggs, crepes, egg sandwiches and homemade donuts with papaya filling. The papaya and fruit in general has been amazing. We discovered a new favorite fruit, mangosteen.

The Villa’s garden is wonderful for lounging in the shade, baking in sun or taking a dip in the pool. From the second floor you can see the rice fields, the ocean and a volcano in the far distance. It is a traditional Balinese neighborhood that is quiet expect for the random roasters calls throughout the day. The ocean is only a few minutes bike ride down the street.

Mike and I hired a scooter for the week we are in Ketewel for $5 USD a day. Each day we pick a new location for our adventure. So far we have managed to make it to Sanur and Ubud. Yesterday we traveled to Ubud to Bali Buda for a lunch date with our friend, Nickie, a lovely Brit we met at Fraser Island. Indonesia is our third country together!

Each day the rain greets us between 3 – 6pm that most times will last throughout the night. Yesterday we had an action packed ride home in the rain and lightening. Luckily we had our raincoats but everything from the waist down was soaked.

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