State Side

A month after arriving in Arizona we left our warm sunshine and flew to the land of ice and snow in Minneapolis.

Mike had the brilliant idea to organize the Mazda dealership pick us up from the airport. As we walked into the dealership, heads turned staring as we each carried our 60 liter packs and sans winter coats on one of the coldest days of the year.

Our purpose was to acquire a car and to be reunited with our beloved four-legged furry companion, Wiley. We packed our two weeks visit with great eats and conversations surrounded by family and friends. We were antsy and delighted to replace our worn clothing and change out our colors options.

Ending our international travels earlier than expected gave us the flexibility to be there for our families when they needed us the most. This change made is possible for us to be present for anniversary of losing Mike’s father, Pat Woods, the passing of my 96 year old grandfather, Henry Noll and the birth of my first niece, Kadence Lillian. The icing on the cake, Mike and I were honored with the request to be godparents to my wonderful niece, Kadence.

The universe works in mysterious ways.


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