How Wiley became a Woods

Mike and I were active volunteers at Safe Hands Animal Rescue (SHAR) when we decided it was time for our family to get a dog. We agreed to foster a male, 20 pound corgi mix, estimated at about a year old. SHAR works closely with a high kill shelter in Harlan, KY ever since they were called upon for help after Hurricane Katrina. This particular week in early March 2007, the shelter had 60 dogs scheduled to be euthanized Monday morning. Wiley, formally known as Grover in KY, was one of the dogs. SHAR loaded all 60 pups crated in a panel van and drove straight through 16 hours to Minneapolis, MN. At 2am, we were called to help with intake of the 60 pups. It took close to 3 hours to complete intake. After we bathed Wiley I held him close for an hour until we were able to take him home. He was scared, covered in fleas and had worms in his stool. Wiley had definitely seen better days. That evening we had pepperoni pizza delivered and when I shared a piece of my pepperoni with Wiley his personality began to shine. On that day began an amazing everlasting bond that I will forever cherish.

March 2007, Wiley's Intake with Safe Hands Animal Rescue

March 2007, Wiley’s Intake with Safe Hands Animal Rescue

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