What floats your boat?

This thing we call life, it’s hard. I mean really hard.

During our travels I met a beautiful charismatic woman who gave me a different perspective on life. Her analogy resinates with me to this day. It brought clarity and the previous negativity was replaced with positive feelings of those lost friendships or the longing for the past.

So here it is… We each have our own boat. People come aboard as you need them. A select few are the anchor and stay for life. Others may visit every few months or years. Some may come aboard during a rough storm and throw you a life vest. It could be just a dinner or long weekend, never to be seen again. Whoever they may be, the universe brought you together for a reason.

Maybe it was a moment that made you laugh so hard you cried. Or possibly a piece of advice that stuck with you. It could have even been a conversation that challenged your personal belief. No matter the scale of these interactions, they are what help shape us into the people we are today.

I challenge you to take a look at your boat and its current occupants. Are they bringing you strength or should they walk the plank? Is it time for a party to invite in new perspectives? Is there someone needing your devoted energy to rekindle a friendship?

Put yourself out there. I get it, it’s scary but you know we only have this one life to live. Experiences and memories make this all worth it.


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